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For some time we have introduced a pre-order system in our shop in order to offer you the most responsible way to buy Nattiot rugs. If you want to know why, keep reading! 🍃

Pre-ordering is good for you, the consumer. As the waiting time between purchase and receipt of the product is longer, there is less risk of buying on impulse and regretting it later. Instead, the system encourages conscious and thoughtful purchases, allowing us to offer you a 15% discount to thank you for your approach.

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Who are we ?

Nattiot, a small company, on a human scale, which is delighted to share with you what made our own children happy. Indeed, we started from a very small idea, which grew within our family and then traveled to you through our creations. Having now become a rug specialist, our passion for traditional know-how continues to develop through creations imagined and designed with love...

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Discover all the tips for cleaning our carpets at home. You will find ourcare tips for each material and some videos showing step by step how to achieve a perfect maintenance!

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10 years of imagining and creating the bedroom of young and big children...

Rugs, poufs and textile accessories. . .

Poetry and humor, an offbeat and uninhibited style. . .

Joy and daydream. . . a light and creative style.

For all the young at heart: a transversal and contemporary style.

Why Nattiot ?

Find out more about our "shaped cotton" rugs

These rugs are first drawn by hand on a cotton canvas according to the shape and pattern to be made.

Then they are tufted on machines guided by hand by artisans in Indian workshops.

For maximum safety and comfort, they have a non-slip back.

These rugs are machine washable. We recommend using a 85°F gentle cycle.

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