About Nattiot

We are a French brand specialized in the world of rugs, hyper-creative and eco-responsible.

We claim what makes our strength, a light, fresh and transversal style: original and contemporary graphics for children's bedrooms and other areas of the home.

For over a decade now, we've been offering a range of rugs symbolized by a plurality of materials, all with the aim of providing you with creations to suit each and every one of you...

We have also chosen to work in partnership with small-scale suppliers, with the aim of building a history together, growing and evolving hand in hand with them, all over the world:

To reduce our ecological impact as much as possible, we have accompanied our partners in the OEKO-TEX certification process in order to move towards an increasingly eco-responsible trade. As a result, our range of certified products continues to grow and develop.

Today, we remain committed to researching new materials and developing new models in order to expand our range and offer you the product of your dreams, fully in line with your needs, principles and values.

Passionate about creation, our collections are the fruit of long research and the reflection of a constant desire for renewal, which we hope will bring you complete satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing Nattiot!