A european manufacturing

At Nattiot, we place great importance on the quality of our products. That's why we choose our suppliers carefully, so that we can offer you rugs made from the best materials to provide great resistance and long life.

A large part of our mechanical rugs are manufactured in Europe, more particularly in Belgium. We're happy to be able to share with you the technical multi-stage process of making our rugs.

In addition to using sustainable materials, we organize our production with respect for the environment, and make every effort to recycle our waste, minimizing our impact on the planet. The OEKO-TEX certification of our products rewards our efforts in terms of responsible and sustainable production.

These partnerships are important to us because they reflect our shared commitment to environmental protection. We're proud to offer you products that are both high-quality and sustainable, and that respect the planet.

Discover every step of the process on video!